Design Services

AESSCO’s Design Services portfolio offers customers a wide range of expertise and experience in communications, security & IT solutions. Flexibility is at the heart of AESSCO’s System design approach.  We understand that every customer has his own constraints and requirements.

Our flexible design approach ensures the fulfillment of our customer requirements and works to their timeframes and budgets. Where possible, AESSCO will incorporate legacy equipment into the customer designs.

Four key design services that AESSCO provides to its reputed clients are;

  • System Design
  • Coverage Design
  • Network Migration
  • Customization

Because every solution is unique, the role an individual service plays can vary with the application. Your system design will involve only the services you require, to precisely match the needs & requirements of your communications, security & IT solutions.

Design Services

Deploy Services

Project and Program Management; The most direct and cost-effective pathway to your agreed goals and objectives in the field of Communications, Security & IT Services.


Installing, testing, commissioning and optimizing your new network meeting your expectations.

Technical Training

Equipping your people with the right knowledge for greater gain from your communications, security & IT investment.

System Documentation

Accurate, up to date information you can rely on in any emergencies for Communications, security & It Solutions.

Deploy Services

Support Services

Best practices for ensuring service continuity across organization’s direct communications, security & IT professionals to be in a constant state of proactivity.

AESSCO’s Service Advantage is a unique blend of services and tools that enables communications, security & IT professionals to work proactively towards ensuring predictable delivery of service.

AESSCO’s Service Advantage also extends well beyond warranty entitlements and technical support plans found in the market today, by providing real-time access to meaningful services and tools traditionally available only to the manufacturer. And more importantly, these come as standard with AESSCO Service Advantage, not as optional.

Support Services

Managed Services

The range and complexity of skills and tools needed to manage security, IT and critical radio communication networks have become a major distraction for many public safety agencies, utilities and other organizations globally. With extensive expertise in designing and delivering complex radio communications networks, AESSCO Communications, Security & IT services has responded to this challenge with a suite of managed service solutions.

Our Managed Service Centers are staffed with trained and experienced professionals using industry-leading management applications to look after your critical communications network solutions, so you can focus with confidence on your business outcomes.

AESSCO’s Managed Services allows you to:

  • Simplify your communications, security & IT services management
  • Maximize your system performance and reliability
  • Optimize your asset utilization, staff efficiency and investment

A range of configurable modules are available with AESSCO’s Managed Services, allowing you, regardless of your business size and complexity, to benefit from a tailored approach to suit your specific requirements & budgets.

Managed Services

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